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Oil Analysis from FA-ST Ltd established the Oilcheck analysis service in 2004 and have continually invested in new equipment and extended the range of services offered which can assist your company to reduce maintenance and service costs and protect your machinery investments.
FA-ST Ltd can provide a comprehensive oil sampling and analysis programme for all oil using industries.
If you do not have the time or manpower resources to take samples we can manage this for you through our on-site engineer service.


Visit our E-commerce shop www.oilsampling.co.uk for all your sampling equipment, sampling bottles, vacuum sampling pumps and oil filtration systems.
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FA-ST Ltd operates to ISO 9001:2015 standards and meets all manufacturer warranty requirements.The Laboratory can provide analysis for all types of synthetic and mineral oils,engine oils, gas engine oils,turbine oils,hydraulic oils,transmission oils, gear oils, coolants,transformer oils,grease, cutting fluids, water based oils,glycols emulsions,diesel fuel, bunker fuel and biodiesel etc.

Sampling kits for Engineers and owners/operators are competitively priced and include everything needed to aid sampling.We offer discount based on volume.
Maintenance and service contracts can be tailored to suit individual company requirements.
Whether you require a single one off sample analysis or hundreds of samples, FA-ST can offer you an excellent customer service.

With oil and fuel rising in price yet again, it is essential to look after your existing oils and help to extend the life of those oils and protect your machinery.The high price of oils & fuels is a fact we have learned to live with. Although taxes artificially inflate fuel prices in the UK, the underlying trend in recent years has been the global increase in crude oil prices.

Oil analysis is an ideal preventative maintenance tool and can be used in conjunction with regular maintenance procedures or as part of a condition monitoring programme.This service is useful to owners and operators of all types of plant and machinery in all industries and can provide substantial cost savings in identifying contamination and predicting possible premature failure of components.

Why is oil analysis so important to machine reliability and the maintenance organization?
Mechanical machinery literally rides on a 10 micrometer film of oil which is approximately equal to the diameter of a blood cell. Loss of this film means a failure. It is critical to ensure that this oil is kept healthy, clean and dry. Oil analysis accomplishes this goal. Additionally, like blood in the human body, the oil carries important clues about the health of the machine. Oil analysis turns these clues into valuable information which supports operations and maintenance decisions.


Proactive Maintenance

FA-ST Ltd will supply a complete Proactive Maintenance package tailored to your company.

Initially oil sampling and analysis is introduced to determine the next steps to reduce component wear & maintenance costs, oil filtration follows to reduce expenditure on new oils along with a planned maintenance schedule.

What is Proactive Maintenance?
According to major industries throughout the world, it’s time to throw out your old ideas on machine maintenance. The cost-saving trend is toward a maintenance program that targets the root causes of machine wear and failure. Predictive and preventive methods are out: proactive maintenance are in. Why? Because proactive maintenance methods are currently providing huge cost savings to industries of all sizes on machine maintenance every year. This concept of saving large amounts of maintenance, however, may be tough for some to grasp. FACT, “maintenance is the largest single controllable expenditure in a plant.” In many companies it often exceeds annual net profit. The problem of costly maintenance has truly reached a serious level, but as some companies have found out, and more come to realize every day, their maintenance costs can be cut drastically by establishing a “proactive” line of defense.

Maintenance Services

FA-ST Ltd will advise on the correct mix of technology to suit your plant & machinery. We can supply one-off, contracted Condition Monitoring services, right through to partnership-level maintenance & resource planning. All our maintenance services are fully supported and totally focused on delivering improved reliability and productivity to your operations. 

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Oil Filtration Solutions for all Industries


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